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Thread: Peg available for insured syndicate member

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    Peg available for insured syndicate member

    Dear All,
    One of my regular Wednesday syndicate Guns has just had an operation on his hand and can't shoot with us this Wednesday 10th December. He has requested that we attempt to sell if for him, we will not make anything from this day. He will be happy with 500.
    200-bird day, catered on the Hargham and Quidenham shoot in Norfolk.
    Please let me know if any interest.

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    99 views - any interest?
    Your chance for a discounted driven shoot day.......

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    169 views, someone must be interested?

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    just give the day away you will get plenty interest

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    You're probably right Hogey. We won't make anything from this as the day is already paid for by the syndicate member, he's had an operation on his hand so can't shoot and has asked us to try a re-sell.
    Anyone want to make me an offer?

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    Going, going, Gone.
    SOLD - and that's it, we're now sold out for the season!
    Unless we get another cancellation, but at least all deposits in now.......

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