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Thread: Getting a refund on a gun

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    Getting a refund on a gun

    Hi there. I have a question on how to handle this one please.

    i bought a new 20b last week to use on a couple of pheasant shoots this season. I took it to the clay grounds at exeter on the weekend to get some tips from a friend of mine. He noticed that there was a few things wrong. It would not always eject the bottom barrel, it is very very hard to close and it makes a knocking sound when it closes, my normal rfd thinks this is the cocking rod?

    i baught the gunn from a different dealer to who I usually use because I was in a bit of a rush. Another thing that has peeved me slightly is that my dealer says the gun is way to short for me and thinks that someone is the past has had it chopped shorter. I know I should have researched more about gun fit but surely he should have told me it was not suitable when I was looking at it??

    He he says he is going to fix the gun tonight and I can pick it up tomorrow (40 mile round trip) but to be honest I have lost all confidence in the gun and the shop and would rather just get my money back and stick to my regular dealer for my next gun. Is this unreasonable to ask for?

    how do I stand on asking for my money back within a legal stand point?

    any help will be very appreciated as we have agreed to talk tomorrow when I collect the gun. Thanks all in advance


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    under the law if its unsafe/fit for purpose then you don't have to have it back demanded a refund, if you feel unsafe or unhappy with it back it to him. if you got it on your card tell the card company what has happen'd they will get you cash back don't collect it from the rfd also inform the FLO, and have it voided off your cert.
    ? is he a gunsmith or an rfd dealer ? .
    has he got the correct parts to repair your gun overnight i would expect not !! unless he has another to get the parts from .
    Your hearing bells warning you off a lemon so best walk away,
    i think it comes under sec 17 trading standards unfit for purpose but some one will know the correct wording or rules .
    good luck

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    sounds like you may not have a load of buying experience in that field, but you're learning quickly now ay! LOL. You were probably a great way for the shop to shift a gun at a healthy markup, one that they probably took part ex from someone buying a new shotgun, and offered them 50 in P/E, then charge the next buyer something silly, probably a few hundred, but hey, that's what makes the business go round I suspect.

    money back, doubt it, unless you can prove it was sold as unsafe at the time, which will be unlikely. as you're not a regular customer there, they'll probably prefer to show you the door as nothings lost for them anyway.

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    Tomm I would have thought that you are on dodgy ground as regards legal rights as you have already accepted a repair rather than rejecting the gun as faulty.
    The gun fit may not be ideal and the selling dealer isn't really obliged to advise you on that matter so what you are talking about is a change of mind for which there is no legal redress as far as I can see. Just the same it's worth discussing it with the guy and he may consider a refund but I wouldn't bank on him being legally required to do so.
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    If the dealer wants to protect his reputation then you might get away with a refund and people happily go their seperate way. I wouldn't be suprised if the argument from a legal perspective is weak. The dealer could disagree with the observations made by a 3rd party.

    I certainly would not be buying items on cards, using an item then trying to cancel payment.... Bad advice in my personal opinion. If you try and cancel payment and it didnt work ..... Think about your own reputation too?

    Caveat emptor... but keep it friendly and your odds increase!

    Best of luck.

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    See if he fixes it properly and if you're happy with it. If not then the sales of goods acts applies and you are due a refund or replacement. If the RFD refuses go the credit card refund route.

    This is another reason to buy with a credit card even if you have the cash.
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    I did pay on my credit card luckily. He said the gun was being sold on commission so would that help a refund? I don't doubt he will fix it properly but it just annoys me he didn't test the gun first or even look it over. But the main gripe I have is that he sold it to me knowing it was way to short. Next time I will take someone who knows what they are talking about to avoid having my pants pulled down!! We will see how things go tomorrow as to weather he is interested in keeping his customers happy. He is relatively new to owning this shop so I would hope that he is

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    You have no defence in law, the fact it's to short is your fault, he has offered a repair, with a second hand item who is to say It did not break when you used it.
    He may be willing to help you out, but you might have been better off not posting here as he may well be reading this now.

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    I have to agree with taff ,too short is not a reason for a refund a cheap pad fitted will sort that out , but the safe working as in not as it left the factory and meant to be is !! old or not , you would't have a car back after a week if the brakes had failed with a smile and a pat on the back!!! same thing he should have inspected it to make sure it was in working order and fit to sell, it was from his shop after all and he can always back it to the owner as you wish to do to him . Request he fires it and proves that its in working order with defects resolved in/on the repair slip, as a paper trail is easy'r to prove than a word in the air , then get him to to co sign your faults list you set out with him when returning the S/G but i bet you did't do this ? if he declines to give you any paper work state how do i know the work has been done by a competent smith and is safe !!! don't take it from the shop . tell him that you need to seek advice. if the chap is on here well sorry pay the lad back and you get your outlays from the seller who owns it as he knew what was wrong with it

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    Sorry Paul completely wrong , I and many others are in dispute with jeep, vehicles were sold as having the ability to tow up to 3000kgs, the tow bars are now being removed on safety grounds due to the position of the fuel tanks, the towing capacity, which was a major factor in the purchase of the vehicle is only a element of the vehicle apparently, the same could be argued about the gun, it's ability to fire is only a element of the gun.

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