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Thread: Boyds gunstocks new website

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    Boyds gunstocks new website

    I had an email from Boyds today of the Dear valued customer type.
    It gave details of new products,including walking sticks (??) and ended by hoping I would enjoy shopping there again.

    The thing is, being a lefty and lefty stocks being over $100 dollars I am unable to shop with them. I did order a stock and put the delivery address as a friend in the States who was going to send it on but when Boyds sussed this they wrote a snippy email to me and a nasty one to the friend Stateside.

    Oh well.

    If you fancy a look and you're not a lefty the website is...

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I got the same e-mail , just after the e-mail telling me that the stocks I ordered were now back ordered


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    How easy is it to fit one ?

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    Seems quite easy, they are well regarded and very good value for money by all accounts.
    Try doing a search on here.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I have one on the 452 cz .22. Thumbhole laminated jobby.
    There was no cut out for the recoil lug and I had to cut quite a bit out to get the trigger area right but it's a nice thing once you've set it correct.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    They are great value for money and to a good standard on the finish. Just on with ordering one and both my pals just had to take out the screws on the old stock and rescrew the new stock on, no other work required.

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    I screwed my boyds stock straight in . found the barrel was resting on the end of the forend used the dremmel and sanded it out coated the sanded area with varnish now free floating . I would have another one
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davie_M View Post
    How easy is it to fit one ?
    I've used quite a few , they usually fit very well . I installed a repro military stock on a friends P-14 Enfield , I was impressed by how little fitting was needed . This was an unfinished semi inletted stock , most semi inletted stocks I've worked on over the years require a lot more work . They do make a really good product at a reasonable price .


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