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Thread: short barreled 22.250 load

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    short barreled 22.250 load

    Hi all
    Can anyone suggest a powder for this combo 20" 22.250 , 60gr hornady sp ,fed gold medal match primers brass is fire formed ie once fired factory and neck sized only. Im looking for a good roe load for scotland.Im thinking a bit faster burning than standard with a shortish barrel and a heavyish bullet for the caliber.

    yours nigdonn

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    What do you normally use through it?

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    Hi im using vita n140 with ok results 3/4" at 100 meters with 32.5grs.The book gives 30.5 start to 34.3 max.i know there is much better in the rifle its just finding it. i have vita 130 is this too fast ??.

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    Vit N130 is too fast.

    I use 32.0 Vit N135 with a 63gr Sierra SMP - which is also range legal at <3300fps.
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    i think i will run H380.i shoot 55gr berger hp for fox control on 37.5gr h380 into 1/4" groups but the 60s with the same load are over an inch.Ithink it will work i just need to work on it.

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    I'm a big fan of Benchmark in the 22/250, if you can get it.

    However, it is in the N140 ballpark for burn rates.

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    22" barrel....Sierra 55gr Blitzking with Varget 35.5gr are giving me sub .5 MOA

    Mind you...might have to swap to powdered unicorn horn with scarcity of Varget!

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    short barrelled 22-250 load ?

    it's called a 223 !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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