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Thread: Hodgson H355 1lb tub

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    Hodgson H355 1lb tub

    old style tub


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    Can this be posted?

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    Bummer, only asked as the local RFD is now advertising postage on powders, thanks for letting me know

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    Well maybe I should clarify

    if it is posted with the full HazMat (hazardous material) handling with an authorised courier it can be shipped anywhere at all.
    the problem with that is that it currently runs to between 25-45 depending on who and what service you use

    its all doable but just not cost effective for anything shy of 12 kg

    stupid rule given they will still chuck in the back of a van with your christmas presents!

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    Stupid indeed but not surprising considering the risks associated with sending empty air cylinders with no valve attached, thanks anyway!

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