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Thread: hello from bonnie scotland

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    hello from bonnie scotland

    i come from perth do deer control (part time) in forestry plantations on a perthshire estate.have two rifles a tikka t3 223 6x42 swarovski nova scope s5 moderator and a weatherby vanguard 270 z6 2x12x50 swarovski scope with a t8 moderator.
    main job a butcher ,married four sons of which one is training to be a keeper and the other one is a full time keeper on an estate in morayshire.have a retired jack russell and a labrador which i now take out stalking with me
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    Hi Midge , welcome to the site mate .

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    Welcome to the site midge- mostof my shooting and stalking is around perth too, just outside of Dunning near the Invermay estates- I'm sure we'll have a few mutual acquaintances! Atb,

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    Welcome to the site Midge, hope you'll find it useful and friendly.

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    thank you to all that replied to my thread

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