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Thread: T3 Lite Synthetic

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    T3 Lite Synthetic

    Hi Folks

    I've just acquired a T3 Lite synthetic stocked rifle

    Around the top of the hand grip, roughly where the cleaning fluids may drip out, the grippy black surface of the stock has disappeared, showing the brownish base substrate.

    Is this normal, or can I get something done about it?

    It's only 18 months old, but I cannot ask the previous owner what he used, as he is unfortunately no longer with us

    Hoping for knowledge


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    I thought those were injection molded and one kind of material. I would paint it and forget it.~Muir

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    I think some kind of grime/oil has made it brown where the moulded surface has worn or been eaten away. No big problem.

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    It isn't like any other synthetic I've seen - the surface is very rough (great for in the wet), a bit like wet n dry sandpaper. It's this that has come off, looks unsightly, but otherwise OK

    As it is a lefty, it would be difficult to get a replacement stock


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    Maybe it's the glass fibre reinforcing in the stock that is brown and showing through? The checkering on my stock is reasonably rough but the rest is more smooth and satin-like. I have a lefty as well

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    Would you be able to take a picture of the stock and post it here?
    Important to see the whole stock as someone on here might know what type of stock it is.

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    I have cut the whole way through a tikka stock and as far as I could see it was all made of one materia.

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