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Thread: Sky broadband anti shooting

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    Sky broadband anti shooting

    I tried to go on The Shooting Show then Fieldsports Channel and the Sky Broadband blocks it both sites by stating they contain weapons ,gore, violence and hate. Now every time my phone rings I lose the broadband connection. Time to ring sky.

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    Both channels are working for me on the laptop using Sky broadband. I'm surprised you can get on here if that's their criteria for blocking a site!

    Have you tried to get onto somewhere like
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    Don't bother calling, the thought police will be knocking on your door any moment.
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    It seems some bright spark has decided to include Sky Broadband Sheild and I cant get rid of it.

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    Can't help with a long term fix, but a proxy such as anonymouse will allow you to bypass the stupid shield thing. Used to use one at school to access Facebook and gunmart, both of which were (quite rightly) considered to not be conducive to learning...

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    I'm on sky broadband and have no problems watching hunting films on youtube. I have just received the following message from Sky about security so perhaps your security settings are wrong which is stopping you accessing The Shooting Show etc.

    Sky Broadband Shield comes at no extra cost for all our broadband customers. It lets you choose the type of websites that get through to your home and block the ones you don't want.
    Even more reasons to protect your home online

    It also helps prevent access to malware-infected and phishing sites. And if you've got kids, you can choose the level of internet protection that's right for your family.

    Here's what you can do when you activate your Sky Broadband Shield:

    • Choose between our clear age categories PG, 13 or 18 to select what type of websites get through to your home.

    • Help protect against phishing and malware-infected sites

    • Create your own categories to take charge of the websites your household can access

    • Apply settings to suit your family life with our new Watershed feature

    • Works on all your devices when they're connected to Sky Broadband at home.

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    Sorted at last thanks everyone for their help . Have a great Christmas .


    Every dog deserves a well trained owner.

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    If your still having your broadband drop out when your phone rings check you have micro filters in all phone sockets with something plugged in to them. The micro filter should be the first thing plugged in then everything else after.

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    If your net slower than used to be I was told to change the filters yearly .... Don't know if anything it to be honest but did cone from a phone engineer
    I jokingly asked what's choking them ..?
    No answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    If your net slower than used to be I was told to change the filters yearly .... Don't know if anything it to be honest but did cone from a phone engineer
    I jokingly asked what's choking them ..?
    No answer
    He was humourless, and wrong.

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