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Thread: Howa 270 won't chamber Prvi Partizan

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    Question Howa 270 won't chamber Prvi Partizan

    Took delivery of a used Howa 270 today, and bought a truckload of cheap Prvi Partizan to feed it, but it won't fully chamber! The bolt won't turn more than a few degrees, and when removed after a fair effort, the cartridge rim looks like this.

    Is it (ammo, or rifle) just stupidly out of spec?

    Unfortunately I've no other makes to compare it with. I'll try and find some tomorrow but this is an inauspicious start to my 270-ing

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    IS the chamber clear? I have seen several rifles that would not chamber ammuniton that had a thread or two from cleaning patches in the chamber.


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    Sounds like its headspaced wrong. Does it say .270 WIN on the barrel?

    The rim damage appears to be from the extractor.
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    Privis usually have ppu stamped on them

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    I think that the extractor isn't jumping over the cartridge rim upon chambering. Extractor must be stuck somehow. Are you able to move extractor claw outwards with a screwdriver etc, or is the extractor damaged?

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    Yep clear chamber.

    Says "270 WCF" on the barrel.

    I think the damage there was one I turned when the extractor hadn't clicked in (and didn't). It's clearly not right there as well, but is that the cause?

    Here's the bolt face. It looks more horrendously dirty due to extreme close up, than it actually is! But that extractor looks too far in to me?

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    I would not say they are ppus it is not stamped as such

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Privis usually have ppu stamped on them
    Those 3 symbols are Serbian(?) for "PPU".

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    I would not say they are ppus it is not stamped as such
    See my previous post, they are either PPU but with weird Serbian PPU stamp, or they are fakes, and who would fake PPU?

    They are in PPU boxes.

    I bought some 130 grain as well (these are 150) and they have "PPU" as expected.

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    Happen with my shr with ppu in 25 06 just try a box of a diffrent make

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