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Thread: Help police visit tomorrow

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    Help police visit tomorrow

    Got plod coming tomorrow for a visit to add 243 on to ticket, along side my 22lr and my 223 that i already have, she already told me no probs over the phone.
    Has any body got any advise/tips on ways i can, maybe convince her to allow me to have a open ticket instead of a closed one.



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    Depends on the area and the justification, I had plenty of invitations when down Wiltshire way but regardless of that, I wouldn't have got an open cert 'till first renewal, regardless of how many or how few deer I had shot.

    Just need to be honest and justify your requirment, not a prob for me now though, Northern Constabulary issue them on first application so I was ok for moving into their area.


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    Was thinking of part time job in pest controlling in my local area but a closed ticket would make that a impossibility.


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    Hi Dave..

    From my own experiences in Dorset..

    I would say if you can get maybe a couple of written recomendations from people youve stalked with mentioning your safety awareness and knowledge in the field..

    It will certainly help your cause as would level 1 and 2..

    From the horses mouth.. They wanted accountability on someone elses shoulders..

    Good luck

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Ive got a visit tomorrow too, asked for 308 and 17hmr, all agreed over the phone previously but new feo lady wants to come and discuss, also querried an open cert after 8 months, so good luck with yours too, got some good biccys in and will put my best aftershave on


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    What about just asking Her to open it, to allow you to visit other areas within the UK and further allow you to take let days, where and when ever you like without the complication of a close certificate holding you to the area named within the bounds of the certificate .

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    I found myself in an identical position last month. As .243 is "Deer calibre" they required me to be on 5yrs before open ticket would be granted, ( A@S normal policy) This despite having legal species of deer on my open .223 for last couple of years.

    I have DSC 1 and have demonstrable stalking experience.

    My FEO was excellent and was quite happy to argue my case for an open ticket on the .243 but it would be his bosses call.

    Would appear that I will be granted open ticket on all weapons which is good.

    Also took opportunity to increase ammo allowance as I reload and they were happy with and granted request.

    Might be helpfull if you can take the FEO and show them bits of your ground.

    Good luck

    Any problems then PM me.


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    I was told by Thames Valley that i needed to build up a portfolio of experience and demonstrating why I needed it open. This included needing land checks, amount of ammunition used, number of deer shot etc. I wrote a covering letter stating I couldn't meet land owners requirements for deer control in a timely manner if I had to go through land checks everytime, copied emails of 4 or 5 land checks I'd recently had done and listed number of deer/foxes shot and amount of ammunition used. They opened my cert on 1st anniversary of grant.

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    Well I had an open ticket from Devon & Cornwall after 6mths.

    My DSC 2 AW, wrote a covering letter for me which I posted along with a cover letter from me.

    2 weeks later open ticket now questions.

    It does depend on the force but also asking them to remove the chief constable.....blahblah will prompt them to do it as basc has agreed with ACPO to have all forces remove this when requested.


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    I had a visit from my FEO today for my shotgun certificate renewal & while he was here I broached the subject of an open certificate & mentioned invitations to stalk in Scotland & Sussex & being a mentor for Northamptonshire firearms department for a friend (I'm Thames Valley), he said put all that in a letter add you have spoken to me & I am agreeable & there should be no problem.

    I've held my current Firearms for just over 2 years & TVP usually remove the land conditions on the first renewal.

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