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Thread: sauer synthetic stock wanted

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    sauer synthetic stock wanted

    Hi lads can anyone point me in the direction of a synthetic stock for a sauer 202 thanks.

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    GRS do a nice laminated one not synthetic but very nice

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    I'm looking for a wood stock if you are looking to trade?



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    i would really like to keep my wood stock and just buy a synthetic one
    thanks for the offer gixer.

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    I know what you mean Nigdonn, I wish I'd bought a wooden stocked rifle then added the synthetic as it costs more to buy the wood as an extra, I am contemplating buying a second 202 second hand with a wood stock as it may be more cost effective!



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    I heard that Bushwear in Stirling had one they were selling for a customer. Worth a call.

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    thanks goathunter1 i will ring in the morning.

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    Hi there

    A friend of mine in the UK has one surplus to requirements.

    Its in good order bar a few scratches and bizzarley a Miroku butt pad fitted instead of a Sauer one but it was like this when he bought it but could be easily rectified.

    Pass me your contact details and I will get him to call you.

    B Rgds


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    Hi all sorted now new stock fitted to the 30/06 and a BIG THANKS to JasonH on here FOR his help in finding one in such great condition. Very pleased.

    Yours Nigdonn

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