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Thread: Recommended reticle

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    Recommended reticle

    As above as a newbie to this what's the most recommended reticle for use on Deer & fox?

    Thanks in advance

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    Whatever suits your eye...

    Sorry for a poor answer but it really does depend on what gives you the fastest target acquisition whilst allowing you to clearly reference your point of aim on the target. Personally the German 4a dot works well for me.

    It also depends on whether you are shooting in the day or under a lamp.

    Many will have a different answer to this.

    Go to a shop and look through a few different scopes.



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    I used the Zeiss 4 for the last year on my .270 for close-range hunting, but recently realised I preferred the Truplex after changing over to Simmons scopes on both my rifles. But I have a Mil-Dot on the .22 to help range estimation as it's so loopy over 100 yards. If you're shooting at longer ranges you'll probably want a finer reticule to avoid obscuring the target. I found the Zeiss 4 obscured a lot of a smaller target at over 100 yards or so. Mind you, I'm still crap even with the finer Truplex

    best bet is to follows James' advice & have a look at a few......good shops should let you take them outside & have a look at various distances. Just make sure it's not still on a rifle though

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    It's down to personal preference, so as above look through as many 'scopes as you can, shops, shooting pals, whatever before you part with your hard earned.
    I like an illuminated red dot in the centre, no distractions , gives fast target acquisition and is handy in low light.
    Unfortunately it can add a fair bit to the price of a decent scope.
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    As simple as you can go - 4A is uncluttered. I have to say some of the BDC reticles give a couple of nice holdovers. You need to see for yourself, but don't go too fine, or you'll struggle under the lamp
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    "Struggle under the lamp", I struggle in daylight with some Eric.
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    German No.1 or 1A , even a half-blind old git like me can manage it day or night.


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    I don't know much about it, being a relative newbie like yourself.
    However, I do know that I won't ever again bother with a fully illuminated reticle - it's a total waste of time, and spoils your vision - but what I would like is a reticle with a single illuminated centre dot.
    I don't know what make scope Dave (.223 on this site) has on his .308, but having used it I thought it amazing! It had a small red pinpoint of light in the centre, but I don't recall what the rest of the reticle was like. If he reads this post perhaps he'll enlighten us.

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    For woodland deerstalking and fox under a lamp, I have found that the German 1 or 1A is the best, as Stag1933 wrote above. The reticle is intended for such situations. Just put the point on the place you want to hit and pull the trigger.
    Also, as Private Fraser said, the illuminated dot is excellent for lamp work and for deer at dusk.

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    Sounds like Dave has a Swarovski illuminated reticule.

    Personally I like a S&B no4 or No7 or a No8 or a Mil Dot or the TDS4 is nice or the ACOG upturned chevron or the No9i from S&B is nice too.............etc, etc, etc.....
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