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Thread: Using a moderator

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    Using a moderator

    Quick question.....
    do I actually need a moderator for general target use and Foxing? In .223
    I have some very good ear defenders if required


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    You don't need one but since foxing is done at night (mainly) it does disrupt the local population less if you do use one.
    Moderators have their benefits for sure, but no you don't need one. For foxing it may be preferable though.

    Get a threaded rifle and just add the moddy when you can. You can get plenty of use whilst you save.

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    there's no legal requirement, but it really is more friendly to the area you are shooting in as even a 223 is obnoxious without a moderator - having recently shifted to the USA its taking me a long time to get used to unmoderated rifles and I see very little benefit to not having one.

    The only guns I think its a crime to put them on is underlevers and Stutzens, otherwise I would always say get one.

    The other thing is when I first started lamping and used a 243 without a moderator, the muzzle flash meant you lost sight of the fox at night so another reason a moderator is a good idea.



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    your better off with a mod helps with recoil on the larger calibers,and ear defenders are impracticable in the field,greener jim is right apply for one you don't have to get it right away.what cal are you shooting

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    read it properely 223

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    When I read your first post I got the impression you were thinking of the moderator as a sound reducer purely for yourself, hence the reference to ear defenders.
    Having read the subsequent post you will now realise it is as much to do with noise reduction for others than just yourself.
    Good luck with the foxing and make sure you get a good moderator, there are plenty about but a bit difficult to make a decision as to which is best.

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    Thanks for the replies so far. All noted.
    Will probably get one, but was just curious. All the videos I have watched from range and hunt usage with centre fire rifles in the US they seem happy to have un modded kit. Is it even legal to own a mod in somes of the states?
    I also remember reading about the cost of manufacturing a mod and the ridiculous price we pay for them over here. So was kinda thinking "Are we being had over in the UK? Is it so common over here that it has become the default option?"
    Without perhaps considering that at times I may not actually need one. Besides I believe that bolt action rifles LOOK MUCH BETTER the way the manufacturer intended !!!!!

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    I don't know which states or if its all the states but you can get a moddy. It's just a $200-250 tax stamp and a federal background check.
    The moddy's themselves though are horrendously expensive mind and you can't hunt deer with them in most states.
    But I'm sure an American will be along shortly to correct and clarify

    Our moderators are much cheaper than in the USA mainly as they are so popular here, everyone tries to undercut each other.

    Oh and yes, rifles do look much better without the moddy.

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    I use with and without depending on the scenario.

    need to take quick shots with minimal messing around? Moderator
    plenty of time to stalk in and get settled? Plugs/muffs

    i use a mod for walked up fox lamping

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    I have a mod on my .223, and fortunately the only effect of adding the mod is to raise the POI by 1" at 100yds.

    I don't use it for target-shooting, but I do for foxing applications and when testing loads in 5-shot groups, allowing it to cool between groups.

    I think that firing a 22rnd match through the mod would cause problems with heat haze, if nothing else - and it serves no useful purpose in that application anyway.

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