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Thread: Air Arms S410 Classic

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    Air Arms S410 Classic

    I have an S410 classic sitting doing nothing. Mounted with a Hawke scope and a moderator. Has been used so there is the odd scratch here and there ( mainly on the moderator from pocking it through gaps in doors etc ) but it shoots like a demon. Not really sure what I want to do with it or, to be honest, what its worth. Looking for some guidance and if its worth doing anything with I will stick it in the classifieds.


    Not at home just now but I can post pictures when I get back if required.
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    David check on guntrader for price range.

    If money wasn't so tight at the moment I would have jumped at the chance of getting this.
    I always fancied a S410 to compliment my HW80.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.


    ps forgot to say the belt's been put to plenty use and had 4 boxes of cartridges through it
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    Guntrader is worth checking for guide. The 'scope on eBay? not a bad time to sell before licensing kicks off in Scotland as I'm guessing prices will fall through the floor when it does.

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