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Thread: Driven boar in Bavaria

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    My Driven boar in Bavaria trip

    Well guys what a week.
    After arriving in Frankfurt , we hired a car and drove to Aschaffenburg , then onto Wiesen. . Our base was a cabin deep in the black Forrest . No electricity . Or running water. An outside toilet and wood burning stove ,

    our first day consisted of going to the council buildings and getting our hunting licence , not a difficult process but a very drawn out one ( lots of red tape )
    Then at night a visit to the shooting cinema. This is fantastic , a live round fire video game where you shoot at an indoor wall that has a film projected on it with running boar , when you fire the film stops and a red dot appears where you hit the target , after getting a pass card I was ready for the hunts the next 3days

    we were were picked up at 5am and taken to a central hunting lodge. Where our papers were checked and we paid the 20 euros fee. A safety talk was given and rules on what could be shot ,

    this hunt is by invitation only and is organised by the German government .with hunters having to gain a licence that takes 3years to gain. No pressure on me then lol.

    We we were taken deep into the Forrest ( lots of well maintained tracks) and dropped off at a high seat and told the hunt stops at 1pm. With a quick " May blood be on your knife " my guide left me too it. On my first hunt I had a heckler and Koch semi automatic in 308 with a ziess driven scope. My next 2days I had a blazer r9 in 308 and swaro scope.

    I got myself settled in and waited. , in the distance I could hear the dogs working Bavarians hanovarians and terriers , gunshots ring out , then I hear boar crashing through the trees the hairs on my neck standing on end , a huge sow passes then I fire at the followers , knocking 2over. One dead outright the other needing a follow up shot, this is repeated time after time as the dogs make the boar criss cross the shoot , all too soon time was up and I made my way back to the track where I am picked up and taken back to the hunting lodge. With beaters and trackers picking up the fallen beasts.

    When we arrive we are given a beer and stand round the fire swapping stories and watching the animals arriving and being gralloched and hung on the gambles , they are laid out on branches with their last bite in their mouth , We are called out by the hunt master one by one and given a fir sprig for our kills.

    Then a salute to the fallen animals are played on horns.

    Over 3 days the count was 133 boar. 40 roe does , 16 red hinds and 1red stag between 60 hunters
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    Thank you for sharing your hunting trip and the photos.


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    Seems like once there things went to plan

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    Fantastic well done or Waidmannsheil. I know that part of Germany well its a beautiful area.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Glendine View Post
    Fantastic well done or Waidmannsheil. I know that part of Germany well its a beautiful area.

    Waidmannsdanker !!

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    well done sounds like a brilliant trip

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    Well done and a good description of a driven hunt. The shooting cinema must be even harder though if you are strapped upside down to the ceiling .

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    It made it interesting. Lol. It was a fantastic experience all round. I can't wait to go back next year.

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