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Thread: 308 win for driven boar hunting

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    308 win for driven boar hunting

    I've been hunting with this calibre for about six months now (I had 30-06 previously). I shoot a few smaller pigs with it, using the Federal Fusion 180 gr. I was dissapointed with this bullet, not enough internal damage in case of bad shot placement and bad blood trails on smaller boars. As a consequence, some of the wounded boars were not found, even after miles of tracking with a dog. Now, I realise that wild boar can be very tough animals to bring down, and 308 is not a calibre that will put them down quickly, unless shot in the head, neck or the spine. However, I would like to know which bullet workes well for you if a bad shot placement happens. The most frequent bad shot on a drive is placed too far back in the intestines, because we shoot at running boars. I'm looking for a bullet that will make massive internal damage and good blood trail even in a case of a bad shot placement too far behind in the intestines. I'm not interested in softpoints, but controlled deformation bullets as occasionally I may shoot at something a little bigger too.
    I've had good results with 150 gr RWS TIG (ID Classic), but unfortunatelly they seem a bit light for anything bigger than small pigs. I have some experience with 180 gr Norma Oryx. A good, solid, hard hitting bullet which produces a lot of internal damage. Soft enough even for smaller game, but tough enough for big animals too. I've been thinking about trying the 180 gr RWS TUG (UNI Classic). And I have a brand new box of 180 gr Norma Nosler Partitions, waiting to be tested. These are supposed to cause massive internal damage, but also a certain exit wound in case of larger animal. So I would like to know, what do you guys use on driven hunts in 308 and what are your experiences with the above mentioned bullets.

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    You can't have your bread buttered on both sides. Just shoot better or leave it.

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    try federal powershock 180 gr

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    You can't have your bread buttered on both sides. Just shoot better or leave it.



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    Yes, Federal 180-gr RN Power Shok or my favorite, Remington .308 RN SP 180-gr Core Lokt. The CL bullet is very accurate in .308, .300 Savage and .30-06, and stout enough for use on big game at close range from a .30-06 at 2,700+ fps. It shoots to the same place as the spitzers and boattails out to 200 yards.

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    Power Shok and Core Lokt are an interesting suggestion. They are soft enough, they are opening and fragmenting fast, so they should cause a lot of internal damage. At the same time, they are "cup and core" design, so they should hold together well enough to stop a little bigger boars if needed. Not sure about the blood trail with these bullets though, as I never used them before.

    As for "shoot better or leave it" - bad shots on a driven hunt are a fact. No one can make a perfect shot at a fleeing animal every single time. Bad shots happen. And the only things you can do about it is to train as much as you can on a shooting range and use a bullet, that will cause a lot of internal damage and massive bleeding, so that the wounded boar bleads out as fast as possible.

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    Just my thoughts. RWS tig& tug bullets are old fashion bullets that were OK when there was nothing better available. Even the Nosler partitions are looking a bit dated when you compare them with the likes of the Norma Oryx with their high retained weight. I still have some Nosler partitions loaded somewhere but they are the last thing i would take if shooting driven boar There are plenty of premium bullets out there. Bigger boar don't bleed so much and on driven hunts sh!t happens no matter what size caliber you use. I do all my boar shooting with a .308.

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    try the 200g partition, it will be just the ticket for you.

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    Partition, SST and if you want to be really surprised Rws target elite 12.3 g this will put down even 200+ kg male board with no problem. But bullets alone cand do much without a decent shot placement.

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    I've used 180gr Partitions, no problems whatsoever - dead or massive blood-trail.

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