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Thread: Magazine maintainance.

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    Magazine maintainance.

    Apart from a wipeover do you do anything else with your magazines?
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    I forget them!
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    Remember, the reason we are "allowed" sound moderators is because of H&S with regard to hearing damage.


    I keep my magazines and bolts in all my rifles. I have an H&S Risk Assessment laminated and inside my gun cabinet.

    I obviously refer to it every time I take a firearm out of the cabinet

    The look on my FEO's face, priceless.

    I tick all the boxes for them


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    Ok that depends on the rifle in question,my center fire rifles are rem 700s and use floorplates (thats good and bad easy to keep clean but!! ) the only magazines I have are for my ruger 10/22 and as any one who owns such a rifle will know these tend to jam when dirty, but I have found a solution that works for mine, keep them clean and strip them down when required spray with wd40 and wipe dry with kitchen roll, re-assemble with 8 turns on the spring and leave the securing bolt sightly loose ie just short of home this cuts down the number of jams significantly not tightening that bolt completely works wonders for my 10/22 very few jams even when dirty, sorry if I have got a little of subject as you are most probably referring to centerfire rifle magazines but hope this helps someone as regards the 10/22

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    If the rifle gets wet I take out the follower and spring and wipe the off, dry them, then apply the lightest wipe with an oily cloth then leave them aside for a while before putting them back together. Unles debris gets in that's all I do.

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    I strip and clean mine every now and then, i just wipe with a lightly oiled coth, its amazing the amount of crud that can get in there when their in and out your pocket a lot.

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    i keep mine covered in clingfilm - that stops them getting soggy and the pages getting stuck together!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    i keep mine covered in clingfilm - that stops them gettong soggy ang the pages getting stuck together!
    Beat me to it
    I normally give mine away once I've read them

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