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Thread: Weatherby Vanguard Sub MOA Stainless

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    Weatherby Vanguard Sub MOA Stainless

    As ever have been keeping an eye on the various rifles floating around the market and came across this little fellow who rather took my fancy.

    Weatherby Vanguard Sub MOA Stainless.

    Anybody had any experience with it? Or similar models in the Weatherby range?



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    Yeh I had heard that was the case.

    I have not been able to get my hands on either the Weatherby Sub MOA or the Howa Hogue but I like the look of both and see that the Howa is much cheaper.

    Whatís the stock like on the Hogue? It looks non slip. How much are you paying for it if you donít mind me asking?


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    The Countryman of Derby has a few Howas in stock including a couple in hogue stocks. The owner was telling me that Highland (the new importer) is having a job keeping up with demand for them there are selling so well.

    Best rgds


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    Very informed and wise choice if I may say so. My bro acquired one in .270 last year and we both cannot get over the quality of the rifle in relation to the money.

    They have Sako esq quality at less than half the price. The .270 is unbelievably accurate to boot. Consistent clover leaf with a 130 grn BT load.

    Let us know how you get on with.



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    I'm after the stainless steel version but what i liked about the Vanguard was its bead blasted matte finish.

    I intend to use it most of the time with a mod.

    On my present rifle (which is blued) when I screw the mod on, the bush on the end that sleeves over the barrel has rubbed and left a mark. I am concerned that with the polished stainless steel barrel of the Howa the same will happen. Obviously to a lesser extent but I just think the matte finish looks more robust to scratching and marks etc.

    What do you think?


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    wetherby rifles

    hi miles had my last wetherby vangaurd since 1974 never had a problem with it and very accurate sold it last year and bought a vangaurd stainless in the same calibre 270 more than happy with it mate

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    Some one told me on the weekend that Litts do some good work on Howa's and for a little extra money they shoot benchrest type groups and are capable of shooting out to 1000yrds!!


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    not heard about litts miles but i think howas shoot pretty accurate out of the box and i think they are really good value for money

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