ATN Riflescope Professional 3-9x55LU - 3-9x55LU. Versatility is the name of the game. Our 3-9x55 can be used for long, medium, or short range shooting. Superior optics and a large 55mm objective lens provide you with one of the brightest scopes made. The interchangeable cams for the BDC lets you go after Big game with rifles using .300 Win Magnum or 7mm Magnums cartridges, as well as varmint rifles with .223 or .270 caliber's, while the .223, .30-06 or the venerable .308 can be relied upon in the target environment.Specifications:
Magnification 3-9 Objective diameter 55 mm Mounting 30 mm Rings. Bullet drop calibers .223, .308, 30-.06, .270, 7mm Mag, .300 Win mag Rangefinding 1000 m. Illuminated reticle Yes. Length 332 mm. Eye relief 90 mm. Power source 3v (CR2432). Battery life 100 hours.
Sun shade included.

Inbox me if interested guy's - Thanks.