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Thread: Hi, I'm Fedster

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    Hi, I'm Fedster

    Hi, I am originally from Italy, from a part of the country off the beaten track but literally brimming with wildlife. My first and main interest is actually animal tracking and trailing, but I am getting adult onset hunting and I am getting the idea of taking full responsibility of how animals are killed and dealt with after for the meat we eat at home. Having said that I am pretty far off that point because (1) I live in London, (2) have neither hunting nor firearm licences yet and (3) I am about to move to Finland (where I have hunting friends). I am not really sure there is much more to add, I am a biologist (genetics) in my day job -- I found the site while looking for images of liver flukes! In any case, I imagine that whether I end up in Finland long term or I come back to the UK the site will have lots of interesting info and discussion, so here I am.


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    Hi and welcome , I am sure you will find things of of interest on here

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    Welcome to the site,

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