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Thread: Bushwear sledge anyone used one

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    Bushwear sledge anyone used one

    In the present cataloge there is a 65 inch long sledge (can be used with or without snow), anyone used or seen one ??
    I was interested in buying one, but thought it best to ask on here for comments

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    Not a bushwear sled but I use a Jet sled, brilliant bit of kit. I wish I had bought one years ago.
    The one I have fits alongside the dog cage in the boot of the car when the seats are folded down and easily holds a fallow. It saves a lot of mess and makes dragging much easier. It also keeps the carcase clean when being dragged.
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    I had this dilemma and after speaking to a few people I went with a trolley instead apparently better oner rugged ground and more control going up and down slopes. I have now used it and found it great. Picture attached. Not too sure if they are available in the UK but I paid $50 from Wallmart.Attachment 50282Attachment 50282

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    I'd love one of those trolleys but never seen them over here

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    just ordered a sled for 5 on amazon, but it's for my daughter to enjoy in the garden...not sure why you think deer are into winter sports!..suss..

    Joking aside, to properly pull a sled with say fallow and red deer can be hard work if it's powder snow where it 'sinks in', with a light firm layer it would probably be ok, icy and you'll need to strap on (crampons of course!!).

    personally, argo with tracks I think is the only way to go for making your life anywhere pleasant when extracting anything you can't carry like a ladies handbag (which of course, we stalkers do all the time...)

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    I've got one and swear by it on the hinds for one of my permissions. It is light weight and easy to use, especially now that the snow is down. Makes life a lot easier if extracting on foot in terrain where head and legs snag, prevented as they are tied out of the way. Still not easy if dragging up hill mind, but you could sit on top of a large toboggan if you were going down hill.

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    I have the Cabelas one, very similar to yours.

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonH View Post
    I had this dilemma and after speaking to a few people I went with a trolley instead apparently better oner rugged ground and more control going up and down slopes.
    Mike keep an eye on the Cabelas site, they are often on sale, i think i paid 100 all in and it arrived in a few days
    I have had red hinds on it and it works a treat, but it's useful to have a hand lifting them on when they are heavy, yet to try a stag!

    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    I'd love one of those trolleys but never seen them over here


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    Got one myself. Easily holds 2 fallow. Only problem for me is the length of it as I have a defender 90, so the deer have to be 'decanted' and the sled goes over the top of the passenger seat. It pulls very easily, especially when attached to my girlfriends son! The strings pull up tight across the carcass which is a good idea and I have cobbled together a harness from 2 webbing belts. With hindsight I would have got the jet sled as these look purpose made for a Landy! But if you have the room and are shooting reds you won't go wrong for the money. Can't wait till it snows and I can get in it myself!

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    I have a jet one for reds, it is great esp if you use a harness, just put the harness over one shoulder going down hill. It is much easier that dragging without and keeps the carcase clean.



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    Another vote for the jet sled mine will manage even large reds keeps em clean as well, but still takes quite an effort to drag if it's big animal.

    Just thinking about the last good red stag I dragged in mine and on reflection it was a hell of an effort ....phew!!!............
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