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Thread: Hello from Norfolk

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    Hello from Norfolk

    Hello all, thought that I would join the site after being introduced to stalking by a good friend of mine. I have been lucky enough for him to take me out and stalk some wonderful deer on his permission. Every time we have been out we have managed to bag a fine deer, he has promised me that should the oppertunity arrise then he will allow me to take a nice big Norfolk Red.

    I am working on my DSC 1 now, and have thoroughly enjoyed creating some superb recipes with the venison that I have shot.

    I am from a shooting back ground but have never had the opportunity or time to stalk deer, and now feel very lucky and privaliged to have been given this.

    Hope that I can contribute something usefull to the site and look forward to raiding your combined experiences to gain the answers moving forward.

    Many thanks


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    Welcome to this great site, i hope you find it helpfull as i have.

    Im doing my DSC1 also, have mine booked in april, how about you?

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    welcome , you will find people from all walks of life here , and there is alway some one about to give you some advice when needed !

    looking forward to reading your posts .

    cheers lee

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    well I feel I'm a bit new to be welcoming people - but I'll do it anyway. Welcome! Sounds like you have some good oppotunities.
    Not in the attleborough/east harling area are you?

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    I currently live in Thetford, but do have to travel a little way to get to where my mate lives. As for the DSC 1 I havnt booked an assessment yet but should do in the next month or so.

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    Welcome to the site Leigh and good luck with your level 1


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    Seems a lot of information to take in. The online course is keeping my very busy.

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    welcome i am new also your in a great spot 4 big red well in a gr8 spot 4 just about the lot really roe munty fallow and red

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    Hi and welcome to the site

    you will find its a mine of information and with what iv'e seen so far some good like minded people.

    I am working in norfolk this week and it looks like you have some cracking ground around here i,ll put it on my future wish list.

    Hello Thetford

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