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Thread: Recommend me a Moderator for a 6.5x55

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    Recommend me a Moderator for a 6.5x55

    Now I've brought a Browning A Bolt in 6.5x55 could you kind gents please recommend me some moderators to go with it please, I see from reading a few other posts on mods that T8's seem to have a rusting problem and ASE seem to be highly respected.

    In your replies could you state the make, model, size and usual ammo used as reading one post about this there was some argument as to whether .25 cal was better than .30 cal, it would seem that the previous owner of the rifle brought a .25 ASE s5 (I think) but couldn't get decent groups with it on so was looking to swap to a .30 cal mod, also if you can mention if using said mod if it affected the grouping etc.

    I believe that Steve Beaty at Ivythorn offers a try before you buy service and he's not to far from me so once I've had a few recommendations I can see if he has any of them available to test out.

    Thanks in advance

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    Try dpt UK Euro Ltd. new from New Zealand and the lightest and quietest on the market by far. My mate has one on his Howa .308 and so quiet on the range I did not need ear muffs.Certainly worth a look and I will be getting one for my 6.5x55 Sako

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    I use a Hardy Gen IV on my .243 and find it to be excellent - just balances my Helix perfectly.

    Def recommend going to see Steve and Shane at Ivythorn - those guys and the range are a real gem imho

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    A-Tec carbon 02 in 6.5 Cal, I have one and it is worth every penny. Light weight doesn't affect balance and drops the muzzle flip, but best bit is the sound moderation drops a 6.6 X 55 by 38DB at muzzle.

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    I use a Hardy gen 4 nice and light and do's what it says on the tin, very good on my 6.5x47

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    Another vote for the Hardy Gen IV - barely adds any weight to my Sako 6.5x55
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    Ase SL5 are very good but heavy Id have no issues using one as I have in the past
    Hardy mod very very light and liked by quite a few people I've no experience of these in any way

    I believe you can use a .25 cal mod but the thread concentricity to the bore must be nie on 100% or the bullet can clip the mod causing the groups to be big and the bore hole is smaller so could sound quieter

    most people recommend a .30 cal mod as it allows for the thread in difference in tolerance and you have a slightly bigger bore hole so could be a tiny bit louder

    i i use a lawrence precision aurora with a bore hole of about 7.8 mm so could be classed as a .25 cal but I also had the rifle threaded by Lawrence precision on there CNC m/c so it's perfect in all respects and quiet

    ammo RWS 140
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    Please see attached link for a supress that I would recommended


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