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Thread: Rough/mixed walked-up days (testing the water for next season....)

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    Rough/mixed walked-up days (testing the water for next season....)

    To mix things up a little and introduce a spot of variety, a bunch of us are considering taking a few odd rough/walked-up type days here and there next season; nothing fancy, a few mates out for a relaxed day, no need for big numbers (good job too given how some of us shoot!)....just to be clear and avoid any misunderstandings: I'm not wanting to book or commit to anything right now, I'm really just wanting to see what - if anything - is available that may meet the criteria that we think we're after so that I can discuss further with my mates, but if something promising is out there that we like the sound of, that's when plans can start to get laid for 2015/16 season!

    So - any suitable opportunities/contacts....?

    - there will probably be around 8 of us (perhaps +/- 1 or 2 depending upon availability), that number will most likely include my son and another gun's daughter, both teenagers (will be 17 and 18 respectively by then) but both are experienced and have their own SGC's
    - We're all experienced guns (ie no starters/novices)
    - we have dogs (various shapes, sizes and colours....)
    - we have 4x4's (ditto....)
    - we have appropriate insurance
    - ideally no more than 1 & 1/2 hours' drive from Ormskirk/Southport in West Lancashire
    - Saturday shooting (due to work commitments)
    - thinking around 80-100/gun/day?? (Not done this before, so dunno what the going rate is....treat me gently!)

    PM me if you have anything that may be of interest!
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    Have a look on

    Basically it's a clearing house for shoots to sell days. You can get all sorts, from big bird big price days to walked up or mini driven days, with prices to suit. You'll have to sign up to see the results of your search, but it's free. I expect that you'll be able to find something in the ball park you're looking for.

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    +1 for wot pedro has said. There is usually a pretty good selection on there, a lot of bigger shoots dinae really like days under 50ish birds due to beaters cost etc, but some shoots specilise in that. Our neighbour puts on good days like that but is near moffat, proabaly to far for u?

    It i'll depend on the size of ur bag ur after, but u might struggle to find days for that money unless u know keepers and are geting mates rates. Don't get a lot for 100 quid nowadays
    Even for a 30ish bird (between 8 guns is only 4 birds each all day) gundog training day with the handlers all paying too ur looking at 100+ quid, if ur getting near 30 odd quid a bird ur doing fairly well

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