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Thread: Things don't change after 166 years!!

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    Things don't change after 166 years!!

    I picked up the 1971 version of A Field Guide to British Deer at a car boot and I just love this paragraph early on which sums up stalking deer, even in 1848!!

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    Nice on fella, thanks for posting...

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    especially if the night before said deerstalker had partaken of a good curry and a few pints of pedigree

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    Clearly you haven't seen southern urban deer. An passage today would go

    The deer stand in the garden, eyes wide open to the many delights laid on the table before them. Frantic arms wave frm the other side of windows and many shouts of "oi" can be heard in the early morning mists. Playfully the gallop and graze the paddocks whilst young children tend their ponies blissfully unaware of the angst that these demons of the night will bring to parents. Should a hunter arrive then they will away to the safety of the pan banging tree hugger yonder but will appear again in time it takes to partake in a fine cup of earl grey tea.
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