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Thread: Shooting off truck roofs

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    Shooting off truck roofs

    Just thought I would ask some advice from you knowledgeable blokes, recently I've had cause to shoot from the top of my truck (truck on rough or soggy ground, perhaps tilting slightly etc) and I cant say ive been completely happy with the outcome of every shot. Some times my shots have been spot on and others have missed my target altogether. Now im not the sort of bloke who looks at blaming anything he can to make an excuse for a lousy shot, I will readily admit pulling a shot etc if that is what I thought I have done.
    Anyway getting to the point, I went down our range and did some practice from the truck roof at about 120-130 meters. The result was not impressive, I had achieved a roughly 2 inch group with a flyer out about 3 inches from the mpi.
    Wondering why,, other than the possibility of me being a lousy shot of course, I considered the flexibility of the roof and its reflex type movement at the point of detonation, a possible source of inaccuracy.

    So having nothing else to create a suitable stand I folded my smock and rested the bipod on it to shoot another group, the result was a tighter group and no flyers.
    My question is, what are your views on shooting from truck roofs with a bipod? Can the flexibility promote inaccuracy or do I just need to get out more? Can the flexibility of the roof create a flyer. Im thinking yes, but not keen on making excuses up for myself.
    Views and advice greatly appreciated.
    All the best

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    I think the feet of the bipod, even if rubber coated, can slip a bit on the smooth surface of the truck bodywork. Particularly if you tense up slightly as you take the shot.
    That's my thought anyway, although admittedly based on minimal experience.

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    Try some of the none slip matting you can get in pound land sticks to the truck and the bipod won't slip on it

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    Judging by the number of holes in traffic signs on some country roads there are too many folk shooting off truck roofs .
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Truck roof to flexible for bipod, to much bounce, try using a bag to support rifle or build solid rest on roof.

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    As disco Pete says Too flexible and slippy , I have a bag that I fit to my bipod when it's folded for those shots
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    To get consistent results from a bipod it is best to preload the bipod by pushing the muzzle ahead slightly in prone. Also best not to have it on a hard surface. The roof of a truck would make it difficult to manage this. Also there may be some flex in the roof as well as the vehicle would move on its suspension slightly if it was windy. As has been said try resting on a bag.

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    Does the same apply when shooting off of the bonnet?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Thanks for your views gents, I thought it might be the case and your views seem to back that up. I guess a rubber sandbag Could be the ideal roof shooting accessory- you never know what santa might surprise you with this Christmas and I have been a good lad.

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    Oddjob, Shooting bag is a best bet and another problem you will find is a good few indentations on your roof and bonnet which may require a little tap oot to sort as per my last vehicle being traded in and the question was asked by my friend where did all the dents come from..........needless to say bag is now sorted to go anywhere now if required.

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