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Thread: Scope advice

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    Scope advice

    Has anyone looked through,or indeed own, the Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56 and what do you think?
    is it as bright as they say,and would it make a good stalking scope?
    have seen one for sale with the ASV turrets and was more than a little interested. Thanks

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    I can't comment on this precise scope but if it's any help to you...

    A while back I compared a few scopes at last light. It wasn't science and there was lots of scope (yeah, I know...) for "errors" however there were often quite a few people involved and it was as near a useful experiment as I've seen. The general conclusion, in my mind, was that Nickel and Zeiss came top of the league in terms of glass. I put Nickel top but would admit that there was nothing in it and Zeiss have moved forward a little since then. Swaro and S&B came equal 3rd with none of us really able to see any resolving difference between them as the light went though there were some "cosmetic" differences.

    Now Swaro probably have made some advances since that as well but a chap I know (who sells swaro for a living) admits that in his view Zeiss lead Swaro in terms of glass.

    Given all of this I'd never have any concerns about the glass if buying Zeiss however, the other side of this is that I own a S&B and the glass in it is adequate for all my stalking and I stalk sika, that only move at last light, in dark commercial sitka forestry. The other thing to consider is that all the manufacturers offer different "packages" so while Zeiss or Nickel might offer the best glass Swaro have a very strong brand image and do lots of marketing and so on, these things have different value to different people.
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    Thanks. I am a big fan of Zeiss and also think their glass and ballistic turrets for that matter are slightly ahead of the opposition. If the HT is as bright as they say,I would really like to take a look through it. Thanks again.

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