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Thread: Round Nosed Bullets.

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    Round Nosed Bullets.

    Is anyone aware of a manufacturer(s) who currently makes round nosed rifle bullets for home-loading ? By that I mean round nosed, soft point, straight sides, flat based and available in the UK ?
    In 6mm and 6.5mm particularly and suitable for use on deer.
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    Just bought some "Sierra" 150grn round nose

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    hornady have a 160g RN in 6.5 or at least used to

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    Hornady do a RN 100gr in .243/6mm
    I used them
    loved them

    certainly gave a real punch, whether or not in my mind I can't be sure!

    look very menacing!

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    Some of the RN bullets are still in catalogs, but not being made in this "shortage", where all production is on the biggest selling part numbers. Hornady makes a RN .308 in 150 and 180, and 200. 7mm in 140 ( 154 is discontinued, sadly ), .257 in 117 RN, .303 in 180-gr. Speer and Sierra still offer some RN in 7mm and 8mm, and heavier bullets in .308.

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    I bought 6,5x55 Hornady 160 grain round nose from Sportsman in Exeter recently. Seemed to be plenty there at 39.40 (?) per 100.

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    My kind of round nose bullets....~Muir

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    I really miss the now unobtainable Speer 105 grain 6mm/243 bullets - they shot so sweetly & killed very well.


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    A great round nose, 450grs of round nose...

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    Yes, all marketing is about high BC, ballistics charts out to 500 yards, when most hunters are actually making clean kills at 150 yards or less. The round nose bullets, with their better angular momentum, stabilize quickly and easily, and usually quite accurate. They tend to open up well on all kinds of game, retain more weight, and penetrate in a straighter line, right to the vitals which well in the sight picture when the shot went off. Never mind all that, nor the mountains of game which made the reputation of the 7x57, .30-30, the 6.5x54 Mannlicher, the .257 Roberts, the .303 Enfield, the .30-06, .375 H&H, and the big .400 African rifles - all on RN bullets. Marketing wants to give us some reason to buy new, and part of that is bashing the old and proven.

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