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Thread: Sleeping bags???

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    Sleeping bags???

    I'm looking for a sleeping bag for some backpacking. despite being out a lot each year I always come home in the evening but this year I'm going to do a few overnights while at fishing and so need a sleeping bag suitable for camping out in the north of Scotland from April - October.

    I tend to get quite cold when I sit/lie still and because of this have given up high seats almost completely, so I'm probably looking for something that is a little overrated.

    Now, I'm not going out there if the forecast is bad so the likely temperature range will be probably 5 - 10 degrees but in view of the comment above I've been looking at bags with a -5 rating or thereabouts.

    Army surplus is out as they are mostly big and heavy from what I can see and I've got to carry this 15 - 20 miles. My budget is in the 100 - 150 region and the bag has to be synthetic as I have a slight allergy to feathers :-(

    To date I've been looking at things like the Snugpak Softie 9 or the Vango Ultralite 900 but thought to ask here to see if there were any other suggestions.
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    I bought a Coleman Hudson single bag a couple of years ago cabt remember the exact model but it's the light green colour ? Really roomy and with a very comfy lining slept in the caravan while upto -8 very comfortably and if I remember correctly only a it 50 quid ?
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    Dont know if you can get them in the UK but Ajungilak or Mammut are highly regarded here.

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    Lots of info on NZ fishing/hunting , they are overnighting living out in the bush whilst fishing stalking .

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    Look at trakker products. Very good gear.

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    I would recommend a Tracker Peachskin sleeping bag. It's a carp fishing sleeping bag and its waterproof as well. You will not feel the cold in one of these even in mid winter and there's plenty of room in i. I think they are about 100 online.

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    Got a snugpac softie and have had it for years and will tick the boxes your after. I've got the one with the re enforced bottom so it doesn't get knackered if your wearing boots in it;at the time I bought it this was optional.

    If you get a surplus bivi bag it will go a fair bit colder than you would think.

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    Philip, Snugpak do a great range of bags, given your needs look for a three season bag that packs down small. i used one in the Czech Rep a few years ago, it was great.

    I have a Vango now which is great, but is too bulky for back packing.

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    Have a look at Alpkit. I have a down sleeping bag and it's very toasty. Have used it in sub zero and still nice and warm.

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    The U.S. army modular sleeping bags are amazing. Had mine for a fair few years now after trying various bags marketed for fishing. Never been cold or wet. Being modular you can choose what bags to take on a particular trip and they compress to a reasonable size. They are also very durable.

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