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Thread: Small blood clots in Roe Doe

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    Small blood clots in Roe Doe

    I shot a yearling Roe doe today and when I gralloched it there were small blood clots stuck around the pelvis area. They looked like mouse droppings and were quite well set in the membrane covering the tissue. I couldn't see any other issues and it looked healthy before I shot it.

    As I haven't shot many Deer I don't know if this is a problem? I've never seen it before but with limited experience it may be something that just happens sometimes? It was a bugger to find as it spotted me before the shot and ran off. It took me about 45 minutes to find it and get it opened up which is longer than the others I've shot (up until now they've just fallen over!). Could that be a cause?

    I'd be really grateful for some advice on this. I don't want to eat it if it's something serious but at the same time I don't want to waste it if it's not!

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    Blood splatter caused by Hydrostatic shock bursting the small blood capillaries and then small clots form. I had this last year in a roe buck i shot.
    Might be the same but i'm sure someone will put us both right on this one


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    That could be it then. I shot it with my 7x57 using quite frangible bullets so the internal shock would have been pretty harsh on such a small animal. Given the time it took me to find it the blood would have had plenty of chance to clot. I'm glad it doesn't sound like a recognised disease.


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    As a meat inspector I can tell you what your describing , They are some Lymph nodes that sometimes go a deep red/purple colour we see them fairly regularly in sheep , they are described as HAEM LYMPH NODES, perfectly harmless , all you do is pull them out (dont look too nice)and dispose of them , carcass will be fine . Hope this helps
    atb Brian

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    Thankyou for that. As always this forum has a professional to come back with information on the subject! Hopefully one day I'll have enough under my belt to be able to offer advice on subjects like these.

    So lymph nodes... There are a lot of them then? I recognise the name as something that can give signs of problems but always thought they would be bigger for some reason. I must get myself on the DSC sometime and learn these things, or at least get the book off of my friend so I can know its content. I don't know why but I just can't face spending that sort of money on a piece of paper. It needs to be done but there's always something else (like a nice rifle or scope) that jumps the queue!

    My main objective has always been to know what I can and can't shoot, to go easy on females with young and make sure they go down cleanly. That's just the start of it though so I think it's time for the next stage!

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