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Thread: Question for right handers.

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    Question for right handers.

    A question for right handed shooters:
    When carrying your rifle, muzzle up, using an ordinary sling, is it over your right or left shoulder?

    Reason I ask is because I always carried mine on my left shoulder. It felt very secure there, even over rough terrain - sling never threatened to slip off my shoulder. Carried sticks in right hand, and found them a useful aid to traversing uneven ground.
    However, always a problem then to get rifle off shoulder and onto sticks - both articles have to swap sides and I've only got two hands!

    On a recent BASC course it was shown to me that I should carry it over right shoulder, with sticks in left. This then makes it a really simple matter to place rifle on sticks to take a shot. I practiced this manouvre, and it's definitely the way to do it.

    So, I've just come back from a couple of hours lamping on foot. Thought I better get used to carrying over right shoulder, but it was awful! Unbalanced and always slipping off. Shoulder and back now aching. And sticks in left hand felt clumsy and awkward to carry. Only good thing was, as I said above, the ease of transition from carrying to shooting position.

    How do you guys do it?

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    Sorry but that seems weird! I don't think I've ever seen anyone carry their rifle on the opposite shoulder that they shoot from whether it be muzzle up or down for the exact reasons you describe.
    Stick with the conventional way and I'm sure you'll get used to it. It will also increase your speeed of rifle mount. I always carry mine muzzle down - but that's a whole new thread of discussion which has been covered many times!

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    Not sure how to break the news to you.............but you are obviously a closet lefthander....................


    (PS I am an overt left hander.................and can't comfortably carry a rifle on the right shoulder)

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    Right shoulder for a right hander sticks in left hand saying that when I was hod carrying although right handed put the hod on my left shoulder !! Probably why it feels ****ed !!

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    Going back to SLR days, it was carried on or on the left shoulder so you could salute any Rupert ambling past. That's how I still carry my rifle (muzzle down though) as it "feels" natural, but I agree that it makes no sense at all as I'm right-handed. Time for a change? Unlikely as I'd spend more time worrying about the rifle than actually stalking
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    Richard Prior taught us many years ago to carry the rifle over, probably the dominant hand shoulder, if that makes sense, in my case the right, muzzle down. Sticks in left hand. When you see a beast it is incredibly easy to grasp the rifle and get it onto the sticks very quickly. It's a bloody footer when it's muzzle up. Got to watch the muzzle right enough in the mud or snow. That's just a part of our general skill though, isn't it?

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    You have ( left ) out %10 of us
    Left handed but use a right handed rifle because my Dads old bsa 22 is right handed so I only shot that...
    Rifle on my left shoulder sticks on my right, when lamping the battery is on my right hip...
    Both of my Browning have a left cast...

    Back to your quandary...Do what is right for you, please take no notice of the input of changing hands.
    When I first started using a c/fire I was getting quite a bit of input from 2/3 people...
    I was getting a bit frustrated with this and my dear old Dad pulled my up and reminded me of how I have shot his .22 over the years.


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    One thing to be aware and wary of...
    When I carry my cz452 .22 rimfire on my left shoulder (lefty) I need to remember that the safety needs to be on loaded or not.
    Reason is,if unloaded but magazine in then bolt can open due to rubbing on my side. I noticed this once and closed it again. The throw was very small and I hadn't realised it but it had picked up a round. Result...loaded rifle on shoulder with no safety on and me not aware.
    Safety on all the time now,loaded or not.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I am left eyed and left handed, but reasonably ambidextrous…I hammer right handed, tennis right, table tennis and cricket left. Shot gun left shoulder. Rifle right shoulder. A crazy mixed up kid...

    For the first couple of hours I carry my rifle on the left shoulder muzzle down. Sticks in the right. Set up the sticks with both hands, grasp rifle forend in left hand, off shoulder onto sticks with no change of grip. Presumably if you are carrying it on your right shoulder you either have to reach across to get to the forend with your left hand or change your grip part way through the manoeuvre.

    After I have been out for a while and my shoulder starts to ache, I change it over to carry on the right shoulder…simples. I would be more likely to fumble set-up because my shoulder was stiff and aching than from having to change grip using the opposite hands.

    So no rules, just whatever is comfortable at the time…..

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