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Thread: Muntjac in Kent?

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    Muntjac in Kent?


    My inlaws have a farm just east of Tenterden and I wondered if anyone has experience of Muntjac in the area. There are a handful of Fallow, and no Roe to speak of, but I would have thought that Munties would spread into Kent.


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    As far as i know they are around Battle area,
    but have not seen them any farther east than that.
    I have seen Roe in the Brede valley but only a few.

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    Here's the muntjac map from the Deer Initiative. I suppose it shouldn't be too long before the wee critters end up in Kent....seems to be lots in Hertfordshire up from where I live in North London.

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    i was called out to a rta involving a deer in tunbridge wells when i got there it was a munty doe

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    Hi Craig

    Aint seen any munties yet Lamberhurst is the farthest friend has seen em. Did see these feeding a few weeks ago in the afternoon in hawkhurst area..

    ATB steve

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    Christ Steve, those are awfully big rabbits!

    I've seen a couple of young roebucks in the spotlight at night near Warehorne when foxing, but no does. They'll come in time...sure as hell there is enough woodland for them! It's not so long since they crossed the M4 heading north into Glos and there seem to be decent numbers of roe there now.

    Pint or two soon! When it warms up

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