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Thread: Charity shop bargains

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    Charity shop bargains

    Hi guys, I wondered if anyone on the site has walked into one of the numerous high street charity shops and lucked into a shooting related bargain?.. I have a quick wander in now and then on the off chance, but much to my dismay, I have yet to come across a Zeiss/Swarovski scope/pair of binoculars or such like languishing on the shelves!

    Perhaps the old ladies working there nab any real bargains for themselves!!
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    Well, loads of shooting books, a pair of gaiters for 30/-, binoculars, not swaros right enough, for a tenner, a fantastic tweed jacket for a tenner and so on. Always, in any town, check them out. Possibly the best buy was a £300 quid overcoat for seven!!! Love it.

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    As a diver I was delighted to find in the local charity shop a copy of the Silent World by Jacques Cousteau (1953 print)


    I must have picked up a 100 binos at boot sales with the hope each one might be a Zeiss....!!


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    I got a nice condition pair of Zeiss 8x30 bins for a fiver once. - They were marked up at £2.50 but I took pity on them & gave them £5.00 -- Everybody happy!


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    Sorry guys but by using the internet it's so easy to check what things are worth that bargains don't crop up too often. Dare I say it but I have a friend who's sister 'volunteers' at a charity shop near where she lives and she gets LOTS of bargains! It's best to not get him started on the subject as he's disgusted about it and hardly speaks to her anymore because of it! I'm sure that she's in the minority though! It's a sad world that we live in unfortunately!
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    I do know someone who trawls through the charity shops in affluent villages and the like to buy quality items and then he re sells them on eBay and makes a fair bit of profit out of it. Not quite sure where the moral view point on it is as he pays what they want for it but knows it's worth more, suppose we all like a bargain though.

    ive not had any shooting bargains but I did get a nice Abu Garcia beach caster reel new and boxed for about 20% of its rrp

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    I once picked up a nymphomaniac in a charity shop....

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    What was his name?
    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I once picked up a nymphomaniac in a charity shop....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I once picked up a nymphomaniac in a charity shop....
    It must of been truely fxkxd someone handing that thing in to a charity shop. Needs must I guess.

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    Sadly most charity shops are part of multimillion pound industries now !
    and have dedicated sorting depots that sort out any high value items that don't reach the shops.

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