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Thread: Well done ali

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    Well done ali

    A Great start for Ail

    Wednesday morning saw us heading off to meet our client for the day, Ali who had just completed her dsc1 at Wadhurst was keen to shoot her first deer, so we loaded the car and arrived at our first destination as dawn was breaking, Robin took Ali to the far end of the wood to gain the wind advantage and I went to a high seat.
    As it began to get light a group of seven fallow walked out into the next field to the one where I was sitting, then from my left a larger group trotted up to join the others making a total of around twenty five, I called Robin on the radio and he said he was watching the group and deciding the best way to approach them,
    Ali and Robin sneaked along the hedgerow then Ali crawled slowly across the muddy field to get within range of the selected animal, she had covered about sixty yards when two prickets decided to check her out and walked to within twenty yards of her, she laid completely still and eventually the prickets turned and started feeding, Ali very slowly put her new .243 Tika T3 rifle on the bipod took aim and the selected doe went down. With congratulations all round we headed to the café for a well deserved breakfast. The afternoon stalk was not productive so we decided to try a new high seat that we had put in place about ten days ago,

    Robin and Ali climbed into the seat and as the light began to fade a doe and follower walked out of the wood in front of them.
    Robin told Ali to take the follower and if she got the chance to take the doe.
    She shot the follower and as the doe hesitated on the edge of the wood she took the doe,

    Well I think you will all agree that was a great result for her first outing and a good start to gaining experience for her dsc2 ,

    Throughout the day she listened to everything she was told, she walked silently through the woodland, and was great company,

    Well Done Ali.

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    It's nice to see a plan come together, congrats to Ali.

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    GOOD GIRL Congratulations well done
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    How fantastic and welldone Ali bazil

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    I am in the same position as Ali so it is great to hear about her flying the flag for ladies in stalking ( not that I am a raging feminist at all- it is just that we are a rare breed). Thank you for sharing the post. Hopefully I can repeat that experience up here in Lancashire. Lynn

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    I would just like to say how well Ali has done on her first outing. If you look at the first picture she had to crawl from the far left of the field which is slightly higher, to be able to look down into the lower part of the field. Having crawled 60 or so yards I could see from my position 30 or so yds behind her that the master buck had been watching the top of her head for some time and that two sorrels had then become interested also, deer being of an inquisitive nature had to come and have a look and I was interested to see what Ali would do, I could not give her any instructions for fear of being heard so had to wait and see. She just put her face down into the mud and waited for a few minutes then very slowly raised her head sideways to take a peep and saw them moving slowly away, as soon as they were facing away she slowly brought the rifle round moved into position and within seconds fired,the beast hit the floor with a perfect heart shot, Ali then then turned to me with the largest smile I've seen in ages all covered in mud.
    She is going to be a very good stalker and listens to instructions well.
    I've been told by my wife it's something women do { read the instructions and listen to what they are being told } news to me.

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