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Thread: Hope it's not bewsher making the news

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    Hope it's not bewsher making the news

    Hope it isn't you creating havoc

    Fury as marksman shoots for allotment rabbits - The Scotsman

    Some people need to be brought into the real world.


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    I like the bit about 'Rabbits benefiting allotments with the natural fertiliser they produce'.
    would that be the natural fertiliser the make from eating all your veggies in the first place, lol.

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    I think it shows how hard it will be to manage deer in these types of areas.If that's the reaction because a few rabbits got shot.Cant imagine the fuss that would be created if this was deer lol.They need to get a job

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    is it a licensed airgun ,or waiting to be licensed airgun il bet the snp council man wants to stick his oar in and get involved.if the locals only know about it from reading the paper then the man doing it couldnt be more discrete if he tried.

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    It's a sign of our crazy times that something as mundane as this is even considered newsworthy

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    If you read the comments at the bottom of the page it appears most people have the same view as us. Its just the press doing what the press do, overhype everything, especially if cuddly animal are involved.

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    I could not help myself. I have just emailed the person responsible for that tripe to congratulate them on the worst piece of journalism known to man.

    What utter lazy crap that was.

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    Ed would use the 300WM I'm sure

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    only the .270 is cleared for allotments.....

    slow news day indeed

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    Wait till the beavers migrate to the Water of Leith and start building dams.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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