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Thread: best bullet you ever used

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    best bullet you ever used

    I think the best bullet ive ever used is hornady 30cal 165gr interbonds, devastating knock down performance, and hardest hitting bullet ive ever heard with superb accuracy, I will try some 129 grainers in my 6.5 cal when I see some.
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    Terminal performance of the Interbonds, has always been impressive. But getting them to shoot can be challenging, they would appear to have a secant ogive, which seem to prefer a significant jump to the lands. Out of interest how far off the lands, have you found them to perform?



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    Nosler partition in all cartridges i owned have been the best but there a bit pricey I now use sierra gk hpbt in everything I rate them highly when not driven at super velocitys.

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    partitions, hands down.

    esp. 85g in .243 on roe

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    Do try the 129s I use them and have found them very satisfactory. Knocks muntie & roe flat without gralloching them as well. I am having trouble finding more, so if you find a source do let us know!

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    35g V-Max

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    partitions, hands down.

    esp. 85g in .243 on roe
    As above ... Driven by N140

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    +1 for Barmes TTSX and TSX and the Varmint Grenades!

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    I can't hardly claim to be an expert as I've only tried a few bullets until I got something I liked and I just sort of stopped there. The Hornday Spire point in 150 grain shot really well from my 308W but the 150 grain Partition just seems to work so much better on deer for me as it actually puts some chest shot sika straight down which is something I'd never seen with the Spire Points.

    I tend to load the Spire Points for practise and the Partitions for deer these days and I'm happy with that combination and while it might be very boring this is where I've stopped.
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