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    Kit advice

    Hi folks, I'm after a new pair of gloves and a good pair of gaiters. Glove wise they must be waterproof but thin enough to shoot and have feeling in. ( I know I'm asking for something here ) I don't like them thick ones that feel like you've two pair on. I've Macwets ( far too cold ) and a pair of Harkila windproof, leather palmed ones which are OK in the dry but not waterproof. I've been wearing them with latex underneath but, they are out of their depth this time of year. Especially in snow. ( Shap last Wed ) Is there anything out there similar but waterproof. Also burst the zip on my gaiters so, new pair with front zip and velcro. Any advice? Ta, cjs.

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    I've been through the gaiters thing recently, and these, as recommended by a forum member, have proved to be brilliant:
    Cheapest I found them was on Fleabay

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    Both of the above snolocks are great had mine for years and sealskinz shooting mitten are the best glove I've found apart from British army mitts with goretex outers

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