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Thread: Night vision advice

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    Night vision advice

    Hi guys, title says it all really.
    Used to have a pulsar 550 on an 17hmr but swapped it in a while ago and resorted to an nm800 with various coloured LEDs on other rifles both rim and centre fire, but now the bunnies regard any kind of lamp as a starting pistol.
    Have had a thermal spotter for over a year now (hd38s) and think its brilliant.
    Am now considering night vision again (or thermal) for a rifle scope, dedicated or add on for rabbits and fox and watching the wildlife go by.
    With the plethora of new kit appearing all the time and the costs coming down what would you guys recommend and why?
    Was considering a budget of 2k but may go higher if required. Would use it between 22rf and 223 if dedicated, add 6ppc and even 260 rem if add on. Would be used on own farm (mostly open large fields) in conjunction with thermal spotter. Would prefer as good a sight picture as possible as opposed to features. Hence I was thinking along the lines of dedicated intensifier eg ATN arrow type thing or archer but how do these compare with the Drone Pro? Or is there anything else out there I should be considering eg optix? Or is the extra cash not worth it?

    All advice based on experience much appreciated thank you,

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    Night vision advice

    Where are you in NE ?
    I'm in Montrose & have a drone pro & I'm bowled over with it.
    I also have a home made add on unit for any rifle but I use on. My .22
    Your welcome to look thru it

    I'm not up on trafitional tubed Nv but I'm sticking to digital as I can not worry bout daylight damage

    The back up service from Carl at armasight is good ... It's uk ... & performance of the unit is ace

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    Cheers Paul for your offer, may have to wait till the new year to travel down as I'm 20 miles the wrong side of Aberdeen.
    Am aware there is allegedly an updated version out next year. At roughly what distances are rabbits and foxes identifiable and does using additional ir illumination make much difference?

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    I'm ID rabbits & foxes clearly @ 400yds but probably others see further & depend on your eyes , cones with T20 & works well , I tried it with T74 I have & yes throwing more IR makes it even better


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    Drone Pro brilliant bit of kit but heavily reliant on lots of IR as is all digital.The only problem is that your quarry can see most frequencies of IR and will soon wise up as they'll think its just another lamp and be on its toes as is happening with Briars filtered torch.The only thing to do is to use an IR in the 900 frequency which is virtually invisible to animals but loses a lot of performance due to the visible rays being filtered out.Its like using it on half power

    A good tubed Gen 2+ or even better Gen 3 is still king of the mountain and more importantly needs no/very little IR except on the very darkest of nights.I find the green image kinder on the eye as well but thats probably down to preference

    I wouldn't go near a commercial thermal scope at present and haven't seen one yet that can confidently id a target over 100 yards away.Just not worth the risk
    That leaves you with the Drone (which is head and shoulders above any commercial digi stuff out at present) and has an updated model coming out in the new year or some thing like an Archer/Longbow from Starlight or something totally dedicated like a Mars/Armasight from somewhere like Night Vision Gear - Index page is well worth a visit
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    Thanks Wsm. I think I'm leaning to a dedicated unit. From the YouTube reviews I've seen so far the drone pro looks mighty impressive but I am concerned about the amount of ir needed. As you mentioned the wildlife are aware of it, I noted this with the 550 and the laser Luchs heaven forbid what they are going to do with nm800 and ir!
    How do the images from the dedicated intensifiers compare to the drone? Saw, think it was through the night vision gear website, a video of two roe through the drone, picture looked amazing.
    Sauer will txt you later today if ok.

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    A good dedicated tubed unit with a 940nm invisible IR just to give you that extra bit of definition and eye shine when needed a truly awesome piece of kit and as covert as you can be
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    Who does the 940 IR illuminators?

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    I tend to disagree about IR spooking game, I'd put it down to they can see or hear you. Walking about with a thermal just shows you how easily spooked they can be sometimes.

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