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Thread: I think l have to sell my 10 bore and carts to fund ....another rifle!

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    I think l have to sell my 10 bore and carts to fund ....another rifle!

    I've fallen in love again,

    Its a rifle and she is lovely - she has beautiful sleek looks and is fluted all in the right places. Although, like most new found loves - she is second hand but she is in dam good condition for her age and has all her own original parts!

    Back to earth with a thud......I really cant afford to pay out for another rifle so something has to go to fund her.

    So up for sale (and l need some advice on this in terms of price!) is my Lincoln SbS 10bore (Full and Full chokes Iím told) bores are clean, wood is fairly decent and it boasts of 32" barrels, it has a thick rubber pad and is a DTNE. One downfall is that the pistol grip stock (plastic plate) has broken and a bit has snapped off and was left on the Wash two years ago. She'll come with (optional extra's!) a extra long slip, and a load of bismuth and some buck shot and whatever else l can find 10bore size (some 100+ carts l think). Oh and if your 4ft and weight 8 stone - she's heavier bigger and heavier.

    I need someone to tell me what this is worth? Openly or by Pm then l'll put a price up...

    Next up is a AYA Yeoman Standard Straight stock r/h and 28"barrels. £175 (no optional extras)

    Next is my Browning Auto 5 - Inertia operated (have to say that even though anyone who knows their s/a's knows they are inertia) She needs a dammed good clean as she's been stored and these donít like that, and gets sticky - she like heavy shot rather than fluffy clay loads. Barrels clean and she again has a straight hand stock. (she is an old one!) £170

    Thanks for looking, ftf obviously for all transfers ~


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    I've been told £300 for the 10b and i have the following carts for sale:

    (all 3.5”)

    5 x boxes (50) Eley Bismuth – 3 x boxes of no’ 3’s and 2 x BB’s
    6 x boxes of Winchester double turkey magnums no’4’s (60)
    2 x boxes of Winchester Peters (20)
    2 x carts that are nasty nasty Federal Buck shot Size 00 (shoulder killers)

    I’ll be looking for £80 for the carts – most are £18 for 10 now



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    i am away for a week in scotland if not sold i will take the lot when i come back were abouts are you . I will not have acces to a computer while away soit will be late saturday or early sunday when i get back to you . you could try 222 cwd as he will be with me and his phone works on the internett all week cheers MUDDY

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    10b Carts sold to Muddy -

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    Price drop on the 12bores

    The browning S/A - £145

    Yeoman - £150

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