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Thread: Shooting with Bambislayer

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    Shooting with Bambislayer

    Today I finally got around to joining Bambislayer for the shoot day that he kindly donated as a lot in a charity auction a couple of years ago.

    The two hour drive from Invermark to Boat of Garten took four hours as I had to go south around the cairngorms due to road closures. Despite the late arrival I was welcomed with a roast dinner and imeadiately made to feel part of the family. We probably shouldn't have stayed up yakking until 0130 but it's not everyday you get to meet someone with such a wealth of knowledge about the Scottish deer and conservation world. It's amazing how many people, places and interests we both have in common.

    The shoot day itself was outstanding and, again, I was welcomed by everyone there. I shot a nice pigeon on the first drive which Bambislayer's youngest son and his lab proudly picked for me. Every drive produced birds and the atmosphere was brilliant. I managed to finish the day by missing the easiest pheasant ever! There is no doubt in my mind that shoots like this (and the diverse range of people that make them work) are the future of our sport.

    I somehow managed to win the sweep but, in the spirit of the day, I'll be donating that to the local Air Ambulance.

    A massive thanks go out to Bambislayer, his family and all the guys on the shoot.
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    Glad you had an enjoyable time from your charity auction win and also good to know BS is getting back to fighting fitness.

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    Thanks for the write up Glyn. It was an absolute pleasure having you along and as you say it's a small world once you start yapping!
    Thankfully my almost teetotal existence meant that the whisky wasn't opened, we'd still be there!!!

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    What an adventure then to have a wonderful day well done to you both.
    This is why this site is head and shoulders above the rest top guys doing good things ,just because they can

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