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Thread: BSA Hunter .222 inherited

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    BSA Hunter .222 inherited

    Hello, I live in the states and primarily hunt whitetail deer and elk.My Caliber of choice for deer is .270,and 7mm rem. mag for elk.Growing up my first deer rifle was a .222 remington.Recently I inherited from a friend who passed away, a BSA hunter.222 that his father gave him years ago. The barrel marks are E and B so it appears to be a 1954 model.My question is,the rear sight is missing ,I'm assuming because they mounted a scope,and wonder where I could find one.It appears to be a 3/8 dovetail groove in barrel.Does anybody know where I could find this rear sight?Thank you so much

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    You should be able to get one from John Knibbs International in Birmingham UK ( ) He specializes in all things BSA.


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    Thank you for the response,I will try him.

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