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Thread: 6xc Ammo

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    6xc Ammo

    Can anyone confirm the availability of 6xc Ammo suppliers of the Berger 115gn VLDs or the DTACS in the UK
    It appears that the best way is Home loading which isn't an option for me. What I'm after is a regular supplier without having to wait for ages & ages.
    Thanks for any advice

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    Have you tried fox firearms, Brock and Norris, Norman Clark, HPS target rifles and 1967 Spud?

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    Thanks for that most appreciated I'll give them a bell.

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    a friend of mine has a blaser in 6xc and he has factory norma and says it is like a laser with everything from 95 gr to 105gr

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    glenluce gunroom

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    I have just ordered a 6XC barrel for my Blaser.
    I hope I have the same experiences as your friend.
    Certainly a very interesting cartridge.

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    Not sure why you would want to shoot the 115gr bullets when David Tubb himself is using 107 SMKs. David lists 115 DTAC's on his site, but they are out of stock.

    DTAC 6XC Precision Loaded Ammo (50 Rounds)

    If I was getting 6XC target ammo loaded for my 6XC in the UK, I would get 105 gr Berger Hybrids loaded up or 105 gr Scenars.



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