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Thread: anyone fancy a stalking buddy!

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    anyone fancy a stalking buddy!

    Hi there my names Matt! I've just not long applied for my shotgun and just waiting on it hitting my door Mat! I'm sitting my dsc1 in March along with getting my fac! I'm looking to make friends and gain some experience where ever possible! I stay in west lothian Bathgate all my days and a butcher all my days! So I would mind at all leading a hand butchering and graloching deer! thanks Matt

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    good luck Matt , that seems a fair trade off ,wish you well

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    Hi Matt I mite take you out to gain some experience for some help put up some high seats and cut up some roe. cheers Danny

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    If you ever fancy coming to down to Civilisation I have Fallow Stalking in West Sussex. Mostly High seats at the moment. Occasionally sight Muntjac.

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