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Thread: basic range finder

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    basic range finder

    Guys, just looking for info on a basic range finder nothing too expensive, just sold a leupold one too complicated for me am afraid, just want a one button job upto 400 yards would suit me fine.

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    Hawke LRF400 at about 130 should do the job. There are various modes, but once it's set, press the on button, press it again to range, and decide whether to shoot or not. Simples !

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    I have the Visionking 6x25. Just under 100 & good for about 800 yards

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    MTC O-LED one, very good quality, easy to use and from a good British company with traditional service.

    Bought mine at the Midland after looking at the Hawkes, 2 out of the 3 Hawkes were not working properly, said it all for me.

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    Ive also got the MTC oled. I like it but haven't compared to anything other than a hawk at the time of purchase.

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    I did a search on the above unit and found this, might be handy if you get one...

    AAOC View topic - MTC Rapier OLED rangefinder - adjustable brightness.

    The reviews were pretty good.
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    I've a nice Nikon one in the classifieds. Simple, reliable effective. Make me an offer.
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    I've got the JSR one, had it some years, cheap and seems accurate enough but the the optics are only OK in good light. Depends what you want it for...

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    Me personally I would save a bit more and go for a second hand old style Leica. The 800 will be cheaper but I have seen 1200's like mine for less than 300. One press ON and one press for range or hold it down for constant updates i.e. multi shots at same or various targets.

    A great tool and it can be interesting taking it for a walk and testing yourself even when you haven't got the gun.

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    Found a link to that Visionking one. The blurb says it's good for up to 600 yards, but I found mine would register a good bit further, depending on conditions (not that I'm ever likely to need to shoot at much further than 150 yards or so)

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