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Thread: Picatinny rail for Tikka 595.

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    Picatinny rail for Tikka 595.

    As title looking for a picattiny rail, 0 Deg angle for my Tikka 595.

    What have you got or where can it get hold of one.



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    Hi try Third Eye Tactical I'm sure that is where I caught mine.

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    Also try Neil mckillop he makes his own and are fare cheaper ( and IMO better than most out there)

    01189 333100.

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    Thanks you lads will have a look today.


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    I have a stainless one for sale at the moment - extended for NV but will do what you want.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    I have a stainless one for sale at the moment - extended for NV but will do what you want.

    Extended forward or backwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deerless View Post
    Extended forward or backwards.
    From memory of earlier days ..... as the action is drilled and tapped for Weaver rear and front mounts (linear) then whatever 'picatinny rail' to be fitted will be reversible to suit.

    All the separate mount blocks can be swapped front-to-back and vice-versa as needed ......... so why would a one-piece solid rail bridging the action port differ?
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    Try Mountain Tactical... I picked up a picatinny rail at beginning of year and its got a special small lug that fits into the rail and that also takes pressure off the screws on recoil and i have found it a cracking bit of kit to have as an add on to tikka.

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