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Thread: Cabiinet reshuffle and Long Range Scopes

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    Cabiinet reshuffle and Long Range Scopes

    I am having bit of cabinet reshuffle and am going to get a Tikka Varmint for using at Bisley. My current 308 has a 6x42 that will be going on the 243 when it arrives. I'd appreciate some guidance on suitable scope or magnifications to put on the new 308. I'd like to try some 1000 metre shooting, but it may be pressed into service on some Reds, very occasionally.

    I was thinking of the S&B PM2 (I know there is one for sale on here)
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    I personally would keep the 6x42 for stalking and get a vortex pst if it's just informal target your doing.Run a picatinny rain with qr mounts so you can swap as you see fit it should only then be a case of checking zero and off you go. Having said that however if it's a 3-12x50 pm ii it's by no means an overly large scope and will serve both needs nicely.

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    T3 varmint is only a 20" barrel, bit stumpy for 1000yds. Doable but arguably on it's limit.
    Personally, I'd spend less on the scope and more on the rifle.

    For the price of a PM2 and T3 (3k?) you could get a TRG and a Zeiss conquest which is a more capable setup.
    Get yourself a separate lighter stalking rifle, T3 Varmint is a lump to carry on the hill.

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    The 243 is going to be the lighter stalking rifle, with. The 6x42 on it.

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    My 4-16 PMII sits nicely on a stalking rifle and would have the legs for 1000

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