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Thread: What do you do with your naff xmas presents?

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    What do you do with your naff xmas presents?

    As the big day approaches I remember in a past life getting the most awful xmas presents from the now happily ex mother-in-law.
    Most of them ended up in a charity shop and I remarked to my happily now ex wife that I'd be better if her mum just gave them straight to the charity shop and cut out the middle man. Didn't go down well.

    A clay club I used to be in held a boxing day shoot in which every gun had to wrap up his least favourite xmas present as an entry and the winner got to choose.
    One boxing day the winner chose an obvious bottle shape. We were all wondering who had put it in and if they had figured out the "rules".

    The winning gun ran his hand over his bald pate grinning to show how delighted he was with his prize....a bottle of cheap hair conditioner.

    Happily, my new family know me well enough to not give me any naff presents, birthday or xmas.
    I get a lot of bottles...and none of them are hair conditioner .

    Anyway, what do you do with your naff presents ?.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I give them to the local hospice shop.

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    Just give them away next year to some other poor sod Or trash them within the first 5 min's of use !!! Them horrid jumpers always get burnt when grinding somehow , aftershave well that just evaporates down the sink don't you think

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    my scrote brother once bought me a poundland calculator n pen set ,which u guessed neither worked ,so he got a bottle of "RAM"aftershave from a similar shop.mum said he screamed and had to rinse his red face off as it burned ,oh dear how sad never mind

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    Re wrap them & that's their birthday present sorted

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    We regift them in a special game called either "white elephant" or "evil Santa".

    everyone brings a gift, the only rules being nothing sexual, racist, or rotten. Wrap it to make it quite appealing, and put it in the pile. Each person draws a number, with #1 getting first pick, #2 gets to either steal the gift from 1 or pick their own. Once the drawing and thieving is done, all open.

    When all is done, some gifts are proudly displayed, others are regifted next year, and some just go straight in the bin.

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