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Thread: Deerhunter Rusky vs Jack Pyke

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    Deerhunter Rusky vs Jack Pyke

    You guys have to know something about Deerhunter and Jack Pyke.

    Im looking for a allround hunting set to be used from October to January. In the warmer months (May-September) I use Deerhunter Avanti real-tree but I need something for the colder times.

    Deerhunter Rusky Jacket has an detachable reversible inner fleece jacket and Jack Pyke Hunter has a Detachable Camo fleece jacket.

    Which one do you think is warmest with fleece jacket zipped inside? And which one is "coldest" without their fleece-jackets?

    I dont think over which one is cheapest and dont really care of the price. Just want one that will last long long time.

    PS - I own the Deerhunter Rusky Bibs but they are so hot I only use them when the snow is around.


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    This thread should of course have been in the Equipment forum and not i this forum

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