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Thread: Carlton Moor Tunnel Range

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    Carlton Moor Tunnel Range

    Just got back from an evenings load testing and zero and saw this thread had been started
    I've used this tunnel several times and its all Stone has described and an excellent place to do your load testing/zeroing in comfort and away from the elements. Anyone thinking of a visit won't be dissapointed.
    p.s. I have no commercial connection with the facility but would highly recommend it.

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    Looks great. How is it priced? By the hour or the day?What is the hourly rate?


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    I saw this place online on sunday and went up for a play on monday! awesome set up, a great place to find that perfect load out of the elements, if that be your thing! Its 10 an hour!

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    it is a great set up and was totally impressed
    as for the photo's
    not seen or tried any other range that can offer the same facillities at such a cost
    i know it is not every ones cup of tea ,but for those that hav no where to zero or not sure on what is wrong with their set up and bullets
    it is a perfect place to start and guaranteed to put you right direction
    as i get asked by quite a few to help out setting up and getting into stalking
    as i hav no where to help those properly zero, this i will be my recommended destination for the foreseable future from now

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    Could anyone please supply me with the address/postcode for this range?


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    The range I require is Porchester Tunnel Complex, Carlton Hill, Nottingham.

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    Carlton Moor range is superb...

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    Very similar facilities at Stead hall Rifle and Pistol club. Indoor tunnel range with club house, with 2, 100 yard tunnel ranges open monday wednesday and friday nights at 5 a night. I am only recently a member will do a right up some time for you to have a look.


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    I have just booked an 1-2 hour slot at the Carlton Moor range next Wednesday 23.02.2011 at about 12pm.

    Just wondering if anyone else would like to join me. It will give a chance for the barrels to cool before taking another 3 shots.

    I am taking my .17HMR, .243 and .270.

    Let me know if anyone is free, would be good to meet some other guys off the SD.



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    Hi ross

    I booked for this friday .


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