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Thread: Handy tool from Milletts

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    Handy tool from Milletts

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    I shall keep one in my wallet from now on.
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    On line as well for those who want one.
    Lifesystems Tick Remover


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    They work on splinters, etc as well


    They don't work very well in, um, hard to access places
    Or on dogs where the fur just gets in the way. I prefer the hooked tweezer type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
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    I shall keep one in my wallet from now on.
    I am sure it is better than nothing, but when something as effective and efficient and inexpensive as the O'Tom Tick remover exists why bother to carry anything other than the best?

    I have used the O'Tom tools for the last ten years or so and have removed two or three ticks a week from my tick-magnet springers during Spring to Autumn. I have not had one failure / break up in that time. Using tick tweezers or the stainless version of the card my success rate was fifty / fifty.

    Go and have a look on the O'Tom website and look for the micro photographs of the tick mouth parts with its backward pointing barbs/hairs and you can see why rotating the tick in order to wrap the barbs around the beak works so well rather than just pulling out straight.

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    O'tom is the finest tick remover. Period.

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    Well one small modification a little heat shrink tube to join the small and large one together .....I always misplace the small one and it is the one most used
    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    O'tom is the finest tick remover. Period.

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